Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Growler Box

I’ve had the idea to build a simple box to transport growlers of beer in for some time, but I have put it off and put it off. But last week was my birthday and my friend Dinker’s birthday, and I thought that a growler box would be a good gift for each of us. I was supposed to have them ready by this past Saturday, but well it just didn’t work out. So if you read this first Dinker, you have a Growler box waiting for you. Happy Birthday Dinker!!

I had the idea that I would like them to look like the old school wooden tool boxes. I didn’t want anything fancy, just something that looked rustic (old school, well  worn/used, beat up etc.) So I bought knotty pine and cut it roughly. Then I used square cut masonry nails to give it that “ol’timey” look. Then I used a simple 1 3/8” pine dowel for the handle. I drilled though it on each end and put a 3/8” lynch/cotter pin through each hole. So now to load the growlers, you pull one pin out and pull the entire handle out. Load the growlers, replace the handle and pin and there you go. You’re beer rides nice and secure.

I made it to hold two growlers, so if you only need one growler you have room for some tap room swag, but seriously who can buy only one growler at a time.

But anyway, I took a short video so you can see it. I apologize now for the video quality, I was pretty distracted because A Bird and Linus were screwing around behind me and bumping into my legs. Enjoy!!

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